Taking a Vacation in Wisconsin

things to do in wisconsin

Without any major annual festivals, concerts or public swimming pools open in Milwaukee this year, the coming season won t look the same. Still, even with that, there s something Wisconsinites are really good at, making the most of a little bit of rest and sunshine. Wisconsin is full of things to do during the summer. From the scenic beauty of Lake Wisconsin to history and architecture to festivals and sporting events, there is something for every visitor to experience here. Here are some fun things to do in Wisconsin during your Wisconsin summer vacation.


The Green Bay Packers plays home games at Lambeau Field, and hundreds of fans flock to the field every summer to cheer on their team. For Wisconsinites, there is nothing like being right in the middle of a Lambeau Field crowd. To add more fun to your Wisconsin vacation, plan a trip to Green Bay and visit the Lambeau Fieldhouse. There you can meet the Packers players and take in the inside and out sights of the historic stadium and the Lambeau Fieldhouse itself.

Wisconsin Dells is the perfect place to go to while in Wisconsin. Located near the Chicago area, there are plenty of fun things to do in the Dells, including world class amusement parks and state parks to explore. There are also several tour packages available, which allow visitors to see Milwaukee and its surrounding areas first hand and help make the entire Wisconsin trip that much more memorable.

Milwaukee, in particular, is a popular summer vacation destination. There are a wide range of Wisconsin attractions to make the trip worthwhile, from famous Dane County landmarks to more local activities. Some things to do in Milwaukee include the shoreline at Lake Wisconsin, the beautiful Wisconsin RiverWalk, or participate in a series of activities at the Menominee Historical Park. If things get hectic and you don’t have any family members to join you, the Menominee RiverWalk offers enjoyable boat tours around the Menominee River.

Madison is the capital of Wisconsin, and finding out what fun things to do in Madison is half the fun. The capital is home to countless historical landmarks, state parks, and museums. In addition to these famous locations, Madison has a vibrant music scene and an exciting music festival, the annual “madison beerfest,” as well as many more things to do. In addition to seeing all the beautiful scenery that Wisconsin has to offer, visiting the Madison recording studios may be a great way to get some home movies mixed with your vacation memories.

One of the best things to do in Wisconsin is to go on a camping or fishing vacation. Whether you choose to camp in one of the many campgrounds in Wisconsin or fish in one of the hundreds of lakes, rivers, and streams that are located in the area, you are sure to have an experience to remember for a lifetime. There are countless lakes and rivers in the area, and many lakes and rivers have caves where one can explore and photograph the formations.

As you travel through the wonderful and historic woods of Wisconsin, you will likely come across some of the most scenic spots that you have ever seen. One of the best things to do in Wisconsin is to take a hot air balloon ride around the entire state. You can view some of the most amazing formations in the world, such as the Green Bay River, the Menominee River, and even the famous Black River that flow through the heart of the Badger State Park. Hot air balloon tours of Wisconsin are available, and if you wish, you can arrange a customized tour for your group. With the assistance of a knowledgeable tour guide, you can make the most of your trip and maximize your view of the beauty that this location has to offer.

One of the most popular activities in the spring and summer is to go on a hot air balloon ride over the scenic countryside of Wisconsin. Ballooning provides a unique way to view the beauty of the area. Hot air balloons can be found throughout the state, and you may want to explore some of the popular destinations. As a result of popular summer activities, there are also many beautiful attractions in and around Wisconsin. When you take a vacation in this area, you can make sure that you do not forget the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful places in this scenic region of the country.

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