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North Carolina
Travel to North Carolina and check out some of the many things to do in this charming southern state. From its beautiful coastal plain to the Piedmont area to the charming Blue Ridge Mountains, travel to North Carolina and check out some of the things to do. Asheville is an ideal destination city if you like to check out the lovely Biltmore Estate or taste a good craft brew.

One of the best things to do in North Carolina if you like to take long car tours is the Great Smoky Mountains. This is a must see for any film fan as you travel to North Carolina. You can go on a tour of the famous Topsail Island, which was used by Gene Wilder and John Wayne in their famous movies. You can also visit nearby Big River, which is a popular camping and hiking spot.

The Smoky Mountains is home to some of the most beautiful trees and landscape in the eastern United States. Hiking and climbing are just two of the activities you can enjoy when you travel to North Carolina. While in the Piedmont Region, you can find beautiful beaches, fishing, golfing, hunting, mountain biking, and canoeing on one of the many rivers, streams, lakes, and trails. Here are the top 25 best places to hike in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina.

Wolf Lake State Park: Located in Pine Knoll, Wolf Lake State Park is a great location for family fun and hiking. There are many great Wolf Lake activities to do in this scenic region including swimming, boating, camping, hiking, horseback riding, and swimming. If you are looking for a place to go in the winter, you should consider staying at the Great Wolf Lodge, which offers snowshoe access to the top of Great Wolf Mountain.

Cherokee National Forest: If you love hiking and you want to experience the great Smoky Mountains in the land of your dreams, Cherokee National Forest is where you need to be. It is not uncommon for hundreds of thousands of American Indian artifacts to be found in the Cherokee lands. There are also several guided tours of the national forest, as well as a variety of campgrounds and attractions. This is definitely one of the best locations in North Carolina to go camping, hike, or do other outdoor activities.

Asheville: Located in Hillsborough County, Asheville is also part of the Piedmont Region of North Carolina. This historic city is best known for being the home of the Asherock Mountain National Park. While here you can take hiking trails, enjoy a picnic, go on a historic walking tour, or even take a wagon ride through the hills! Outdoor activities in this area include taking a trip to Great Smoky Mountain National Park, kayaking down Asheville Creek with your family, mountain biking through Asheville, or exploring the many antique shops that line the main street of Asheville. All of these things to do in North Carolina will leave you with a wonderful feeling of pride in your heritage and your state.

Blue Ridge Mountains: Located just east of Raleigh, Blue Ridge is among the most beautiful areas in all of North Carolina. The mountains provide the perfect setting for hiking, photography, nature watching, and any other activity you might wish to participate in. The best way to experience the beauty of Blue Ridge is to go on a guided tour of the area. Many times you will find out just how different the landscape of Blue Ridge is compared to other parts of North Carolina. You will see why so many people choose to live in Blue Ridge Mountains when they visit North Carolina.

Emerald Hollow Mine: If you are looking for a little more of a cultural activity in North Carolina, check out Emerald Hollow Mine. The mine is operated by the U.S. Government and has been operating continuously since its opening in 1933. During this period, over four million men worked there. Now it is run by a trust, allowing workers the freedom to enjoy life while still working in the mines. This is a true labor of love when you visit the Emerald Hollow Mine in North Carolina.

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