Things to Do in Newark – Where to Go and What to Do

things to do in newark new jersey

There are many things to do in New Jersey. The Garden State is full of places for families to go and play. In addition to this there are many wonderful vacation rentals available. If you have never been to New Jersey, then you will want to make this a place that you revisit time again.

New Jersey is filled with great things to do and places to see. One thing that you cannot miss in New Jersey is the New Jersey Performing Arts Center or the New Jersey Zoo. Both of these locations are fun for children and adults alike. New Jersey is known for its museums as well. The Museum of Arts and Design in New Jersey is an example of this.

One of the things to do in New Jersey is to go to the University of New Jersey and see our full list of recommended hotels in Newark, us and also compare the rates with vacation rentals in nj. The New Jersey Performing Arts Center or the New Jersey Zoo both offer great shows each night. There are always free concerts held at the zoo each night of different music genres. As well, there is always free family entertainment at the Performing Arts Center.

If you are looking for something to do in New Jersey that does not require leaving the state then you should consider the River Run Park. This park has many types of activities for children and adults to enjoy. At this park, you will find a nice variety of boat rides, biking trails, nature walks and swimming. Also, you will find a pavilion area where you can get refreshments and food from the convenience of your car. The opening hours of this park are daily from sundown on Monday, through Sunday.

We have two hotels in New Jersey that are right on the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and the New Jersey Zoo. The Vonda, which is right across the street from the Zoo has a beautiful view of the park and several restaurants in the area. We found out that the Vonda is actually a better place to eat than the nearby restaurants and the ambiance there is much better than the restaurants near the zoo.

We also took a New Jersey train tour and we did not have to pay a single nickel for the gas. On the way to the Museum of Art we saw two little girls on their way to the opening of “Dante Alighieri: The Italian Tragedy” by Dante Alighieri. They were getting a kick out of looking at all the beautiful works of art. As we were traveling upwind from the Museum of Art, we saw two more little girls who were heading for the Zoo. One of them asked how they could see all the animals when we were so far away.

While we were visiting the museum, we met some really cool people who told us all about the various things to do in Newark. Upon arriving back at the hotel we went online to search for things to do in New Jersey. We found several sites that had lists of activities, but one of them actually said that there was not a good place to eat in New Jersey unless you were at the hotel. In our opinion, it is much better to eat outdoors on the outskirts of a theme park like the New Jersey Starlight or the Aquarium & Planetarium then inside of a food court.

There are many other things to do in Newark, but we are just going to give you a couple of suggestions. You could check out the state park for fun in the sun, or maybe take a day trip to NYC and visit one of the city’s museums or the new high rise building either in Lower Manhattan or in the East Village. If you have never been to Newark before, we suggest that you check back here again soon for our next guide on the best things to do in Newark.

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