Things To Do And See In Nevada

things to do in nevada

Nevada is a very beautiful state in the Western U.S. It is very bordered by Oregon on the north, Idaho to the south, California to the southwest, Arizona to the south-west, and Utah to the south-east. Nevada is the seventh-most extensive, the eighth-most densely populated, but also the ninth-least populated state in the U.S. There are many attractions in Nevada, especially popular with tourists, but what to do in Nevada when you aren’t there? There are loads of things to do in Nevada, especially for tourists visiting the state for the first time.

One of the best things to do in Nevada during a vacation is to go to Las Vegas. Nevada is a great place for seeing the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas Strip. There are so many attractions in Las Vegas that there are bound to be things to do for anyone who goes. But some of the most popular attractions in Nevada include the Grand Canyon, Valley of Fire, Biggest Mountain, Campgrounds of America, Tule Springs, Lake Mead, Big Springs, Hoover Dam, Nevada Star Casino, Bellagio, Universal Studios, Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, and Aladdin.

Hiking is one of the most popular things to do in Nevada. The Great Las Vegas Hiking Trail is one of the most beautiful and challenging hiking trails in America. It meanders through oases, through canyons and along the river. This route also includes several historical and celebrity sites.

Another popular hiking trail in Nevada is the Black Rock Desert. It’s a long trek but definitely worthwhile. Black Rock Desert National Monument was established to protect the natural and historic Black Rock Desert. Along its path are spectacular cliffs, dramatic rock formations, cactus fields and desert lakes. Black Rock is also home to numerous outdoor activities including desert golfing, hiking, Jeep tours, horseback riding, ATV riding, camping and more.

For those who love the taste of the old west adventure, hiking trails in Nevada offer plenty of opportunities for adventure. The Great Mesquite National Park features several hiking trails. This park offers scenic views of the mesa’s red desert and Brushy Creek Canyon. The Hoover Dam Visitors Center is a great resource for information about the canyon and surrounding areas. The national park also features camping, picnic facilities and caravans.

In addition to exploring the Great Las Vegas Strip, tourists in Nevada also should consider taking a trek into the national parks. Nevada has five national parks; Nevada National Parks, Las Vegas National Historic Site, Grand Teton National Park, Bureau of Land Management’s Spring Mountain and Yosemite National Parks. All of these parks offer hiking trails, picnic facilities and other enjoyable outdoor activities. Some of these parks also provide horseback riding, ATV riding, camping and other attractions.

While visiting Las Vegas, visitors might also enjoy the chance to try some outdoor activities in the city. Visitors can check out the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. They can even take a hike into the famous Red Rock Canyon. For those who are interested in visiting national parks, Las Vegas has four national parks to choose from; Big Horn Lake, Cedar City, Las Vegas National Museum, and the Las Vegas Whitewater Rafting. All of these places provide outdoor activities for those interested in seeing the desert and experiencing the great outdoors.

Outdoor enthusiasts will also find many hiking, camping and climbing destinations in Nevada. The Great Sand Dunes National Recreation Area, Grand Ranches, Nevada State Route 40 and Death Valley National Park are only a few of the many outdoor activities Las Vegas has to offer. The Las Vegas Strip is another popular place for people who like to go hiking. Visitors can find many wonderful outdoor activities in Nevada.

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