Great Places to See and Things to Do in Missouri

things to do in missouri

Missouri is a Midwestern state in the Midwest United States. With more than six thousand residents, it is currently the eighth-most populous state of this country. The largest metropolitan areas are St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia and Cincinnati; the largest city is Independence, Missouri. Missouri is also the eighth-largest in land mass.

When you travel to Missouri, there are many things to do and see. St. Louis is an exciting city to visit. Missouri offers the St. Louis Blues baseball team another reason to check out this city. During the regular season, the Blues play at the home grounds of the rival Chicago Black Sox. During the winter months, Springfield hosts the International Lacrosse Tournament, a tournament that brings thousands of fans to this city each year. In the springtime, you can visit Missouri State University to watch spring bobsledder events.

You must take a trip to Missouri in order to see the Gateway Arch. The arch is located on Western Hills Boulevard, which is about two miles from the city of Kansas City. From the arch, travelers can drive to downtown Kansas City, which is just across the street. The Gateway Arch National Park is open from April through October, but the winter months are off-limits.

Missouri has a rich history, and several attractions for visitors to see. The state’s third largest city, Kansas City, is located just east of St. Louis. The Gateway Arch Museum is in Kansas City and is near several other museums and historic landmarks in Missouri. The museum houses a replica of the original wrought iron gate that was built by wagon train conductor Robert Ford.

Related to museums, tourists can spend time at the Sedgwick County Historical Society. The society has an interactive museum that features interpretive exhibits along with hands-on activities and antique weaponry. There are also activities that incorporate food, theater, special events and nature programs. Visitors can spend several hours at the museum before heading out to enjoy some activities.

Another popular attraction is the Washington Carver National Monument. This site includes the grave of Native American leader Nez Perce. The site also includes interpretive displays, wagon rides, camping and picnic areas and a restaurant. Camping is permitted at the designated campground, although access to the historic campground may be limited during the summer season.

One of Missouri’s most popular natural sites is the Cave Bear in the Crevecoeur National Park. The beautiful wetland gives a rare glimpse into the pre-ontogen life of the Missouri river. At the end of the wetland you will find the impressive cave formation that contains fossils of fish, dinosaurs and even early man. The Cave Bear is one of the most popular attractions in the Missouri region as it provides a close up look at the complete Pleistocene era.

Those who travel to the area should consider the above mentioned sites as part of their holiday plans. Missouri has more than 200 different attractions to see and participate in. These are just a few of the many things to do in the panhandle of southern Missouri. Traveling in the summer is especially enjoyable with the abundant wildlife and beautiful landscapes that make Missouri a top destination for tourists and vacationers from across the country and around the world.

Missouri is home to a number of unique landmarks that deserve to visit. Two of the most notable sites include the historic Brander Museum of Natural History in Rolla and the Science and Space Museum in St. Louis. Other important sites include the Brander Museum, which is home to a collection of dinosaur bones found in the area; and the Science and Space Museum, which feature a full range of exhibits focusing on space, astronomy and science. The town of Rolla also offers several parks, museums, outdoor activities, historic sites and nightlife. There are a number of other interesting things to do in the area including a national monument, a nature center, museums and historic architecture.

Ozark Mountains National Recreation Area is another beautiful spot to visit. The National Recreation Area was created to help preserve the natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains. It encompasses six counties in central Arkansas along with parts of Pulaski and Quitman. There are a number of attractions including camping, boating, hiking, nature trails, bicycling and more things to do in the area.

Missouri is also known for its football teams. The Missouri University of Missouri is one of the most popular colleges in the mid-west region. The college has won the last five national championships including the College Football Bowl and the championship of the Big 12 Conference. Missouri also is home to the Arena Football League and the Missouri State Basketball Conference. So if you’re looking for things to do in Missouri, it’s no wonder you’re going to find that the state has a lot to offer.

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