Popular Destinations for Mississippi River Cruises

things to do in mississippi

The Gulf of Mexico boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The Mississippi Gulf Coast offers an abundant array of activities and tourist attractions. There is no need to leave the Gulf of Mexico when planning a vacation in New Orleans. Here are just a few things to do and see when traveling to this historic place:


New Orleans, Louisiana – Also referred to as the “Cajun Country” due to the variety of regional influences, New Orleans boasts one of the most distinctive blend of French, African, Spanish, Caribbean, and Creole food, history, architecture, music and culture. This historic city was named the first U.S. location to host the first major international confederacy conference in history. A host of jazz festivals, historic events, Mardi Gras parades and live music performances make it a popular stop on Mississippi cruise and Gulf of Mexico cruises. There are also many museums that display collections reflecting the rich heritage of New Orleans.

New Orleans, Louisiana – One of the most historic cities in the United States, New Orleans features several historic sites, beautiful beaches, elegant dining, interesting museums, arts and culture, historical architecture, and outdoor activities. Visitors can experience the romance of French Creole cuisine at Louisianan restaurants or take part in the fun and entertainment of Mardi Gras, a festival of colorful parades. A trip to New Orleans includes trips to the jazz point-of-sale district, Garden District, Spanish Town, French Quarter, downtown fun and night life, as well as several parks. Activities include horseback riding, swimming and tennis. Shopping is abundant in New Orleans, as well as dining opportunities at local restaurants.

Fort Collins, Colorado – Fort Collins is located within the northern Colorado mountain range. Here, nature lovers and self-confessed “freaks” can indulge their taste buds at the outdoor hot springs, explore the hiking trails, or simply relax at one of the state parks. The Fort Collins region hosts many outdoor festivals, events and attractions, including annual bike races, water sports, hiking tours, art events and game tournaments. There’s even an old-fashioned stage show every year during summer! And for a unique experience, head to Greeley, Colorado, which is home to the world’s largest railroad museum.

Biloxi, Mississippi – The Mississippi has given birth to some of the nation’s most charming cities and natural areas, including Biloxi, Miss. Travelers can enjoy a variety of activities, including boating, sightseeing, river rafting, fishing, land tours, kayaking, river rafting, mountain biking and canoeing. The Mississippi River provides a home for a wide array of migratory birds, as well as a breeding ground for many migratory mammals, such as deer and elk.

New Orleans, Louisiana – New Orleans is the only southern city that borders the Mississippi River on three sides. This urban area, which is one of the most important ports on the Mississippi, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. There are plenty of river cruises in New Orleans, which offer visitors the chance to enjoy seeing the sights from the shore, dining, shopping and night life. The Garden City Arts District, which is located between Mardi Gras and Orleans, is one of the city’s premier destinations for arts and culture.

Vicksburg, Mississippi – Just east of St. Louis, Mississippi lies Vicksburg, a thriving community that prides itself on its rich history, unique cuisine and southern charm. The hub of Mississippi’s African American history, Vicksburg is home to over seventy museums and historic places of interest. The city is also known as a home to some of the finest restaurants in the state, including Vicksburg Grill and Mound Dining Room. The Vicksburg Railroad Museum provides an experience centered on Mississippi travel and historic rail travel. Sightseeing tours of local landmarks are available throughout the year.

These are but a few of the popular destinations and activities that people travel to on Mississippi river cruises. A variety of cruises operate throughout the state, with many stopping in key southern cities. Visitors can enjoy touring historic homes and plantations, as well as enjoying a day of golf at one of the many on-site golf courses. Food and entertainment options include live music, fine dining, swimming, kayaking and boating. Other activities to consider during Mississippi river cruises include horseback riding, canoeing and kayaking, swimming and fishing, visiting historic sites and touring museums.

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