Things to Do in Minnesota

things to do in minnesota

Minnesota is a state that is rich in natural beauty. The great outdoors and scenic vistas are second to none. Visitors are greeted by lush forests, alder woodlands, vast prairies, scenic rivers, and scenic lakes. All these factors add up to make Minnesota a wonderful vacation spot. Here are some things to do in Minnesota while you are on vacation:

One of the many things to do in Minnesota while on vacation is to get involved with the activities of nature. Minnesota is home to thousands of lakes, many of which are public and private. Some are managed and preserved, some are publicly accessible. In addition, there are countless parks and other public outdoor spaces throughout the state. You can take part in everything from fishing to biking to taking in the stunning night sky above.

Another exciting thing to do in Minnesota is to check out the beautiful landscape of beer brewing. A number of micro breweries have opened their facilities to offer visitors tasting the brews made from locally produced ingredients. Many of these breweries produce award winning beers that you will want to try while on vacation in Minnesota.

The southern part of Minnesota is home to a number of charming villages that are reminiscent of Europe. These villages are known for their rich culture and hospitality. One such village is Duluth, where you will find some of the best seafood in the world. Another village, Iron Island, is perfect for those who love to hunt wild game or just taking in the view.

If you love hiking and camping, then visiting northern Minnesota will be a real delight. Two great examples of this are Maplewood and Red Lake reservations. At Maplewood, you will discover an old-growth forest with lakes surrounded by wildflowers. At Red Lake, you will find a prime spot for camping with easy access to the river. Both of these guest posts are located in scenic areas that are near popular hiking spots such as Lake Vermillion and Lake Winthrop.

Exploring Minnesota means you have to include a stop in the scenic peninsulas around the state. One of the best parts of these peninsulas is the vast amount of Boundary Waters Canoe regions that are scattered throughout the state. Many of these lakes contain clear waters ideal for swimming. You can also kayak, canoe, or even ice ski on some of these lakes. It is very easy to explore these areas because there are so many lakes and water trail that you can travel along.

Boundary Waters Canoe regions are not only perfect for canoeing, kayaking, swimming and hiking but also horseback riding, fishing, hot spring sightseeing, geocaching and many other outdoor activities. It can be easy to explore all of these activities when you select a state park in Minnesota. In addition to providing you with beautiful views of nature, they also offer many amenities for travelers. Day campers can enjoy hot springs, cabins, playgrounds, boat launches and more.

Another great place to find vacation rentals in Minnesota is in the far northern region of the state. Here, in the far north part of Minnesota, lakes and glaciers continue to beckon travelers. At Voyageurs National Park, you can enjoy snowshoeing, biking, hiking and bird watching. There is no doubt that a St. Paul vacation rental will give you a truly memorable experience. Whether you are looking for luxury, serenity or adventure, there is a vacation rental for you in Minnesota.

If you love travel, you will love the opportunities that you have to travel to various locations across the state. The Northwoods and Badlands regions of Minnesota feature landscape that ranges from forests to plateaus. The chance to explore this type of terrain is offered by dozens of National Parks and Forests, making for some excellent Minnesota travel ideas. When you are looking for a place to travel, you may want to consider a trip to the Northwoods or Badlands.

Another popular destination is the Great Lakes region of Minnesota. The state of Minnesota was named one of the top ten places to visit in the United States by National Geographic Traveler. One of the most popular travel destinations within the Great Lakes region of Minnesota is the Wild and Scenic Rivers. Many exciting activities can be found on a boat ride along the Mississippi River, which is located just south of the Twin Cities. You can discover the wildlife and scenery of this area that make it one of the most popular vacation spots in the entire state.

One of the best ways to see the true beauty of Minnetonka Native American history is to embark on a canoe trip on the Mississippi River. The state of Minnesota has designated thirteen rivers within its area as being “wild and scenic” and travel on these rivers is one of the best ways to travel throughout the state. Sightseeing can be done within a two hour drive, allowing visitors to travel throughout the entire state. Some of the many things to do on Minnesota river trips include hiking, whitewater rafting, and viewing the native American culture.

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