Fun Things To Do In Kentucky

things to do in kentucky

It’s time for another Kentucky Derby! As everyone knows, this is the most exciting event of the year and a great way to spend a weekend. Once you’re in Kentucky, there are so many things to do and see that it will make your trip to this southern state unforgettable. Order the official Kentucky tourist guide online or download the interactive online Kentucky travel guide and begin planning your Kentucky vacation now!


Louisville is home to some of the most popular and best Kentucky destinations. When visiting Louisville, do not be surprised to find out that there are tons of things to do in addition to enjoying the Derby! There are several historic sites, museums, gardens, and other things to do in Louisville. The Kentucky State University is also located in Louisville, which means you can enjoy quality entertainment as you travel to and from campus. If you are looking for entertainment during your trip to the city, check out some of the top Louisville destinations.

If you are in search of an interesting and entertaining trip while touring Louisville, you will definitely want to check out the popular Scrubs Museum. You can tour the locker room where Olympic Gold Medal winners have trained. You will also get to learn more about the rich history of the Louisville Courier-Journal and other Louisville news sources. If you are looking for the best time to visit Kentucky, the spring or fall is when you will find the most variety. From April to October, Louisville is at its hottest with plenty of spring break activity in flooded areas around the city as well as thrilling festivals in Louisville during the fall.

Besides visiting the Kentucky museum, the Kentucky Zoo provides a lot of cultural activities and events to enjoy. You can go to the animals in the zoo and interact with them. Check out the cave section of the zoo and learn about the life of cavemen and cavewomen. You can also check out the Kentucky Derby Museum and watch an exciting fireworks display. This attraction is the second largest in the state after the Louisville Zoo.

When you are planning a vacation in Kentucky, it is easy to become confused about everything that is available to do and see. Before you start planning, make sure that you have your official visitor’s guide to Kentucky book. The information in your book will help you decide what you will need to bring and how many days out of your trip to Kentucky you will be able to stay. In addition to the book, you should also pack appropriate clothing for cooking, photography, and sightseeing. Your travel guide will help you plan these activities and show you where you can go so that you can see and do everything that you want to do.

When you have all of your travel gear together, you are ready to hit the road and explore the many beautiful attractions in Kentucky. Make sure that you take plenty of time to plan things so that your Kentucky vacation is full of great things to do and see. A travel guide is your key to making the most of your time in Kentucky.

One of the most popular things to do in Kentucky is to celebrate your visit with friends and family in some of the many bars, clubs, spas, and restaurants that are located in Lexington. Lexington is also known for its Kentucky Derby history museum, which is filled with exciting exhibits and memorabilia. In addition to visiting the museums, you can also enjoy some of the fun things to do in Lexington including taking a horseback ride on one of the horses owned by Kentucky. Afterward, you can head to the dinosaur world in the Dinosaur Park, where you will be able to touch and see many different dinosaur species up close.

Another fun thing to do in Kentucky is enjoying a river gorge tour. If you love water activities, you will want to take a river rafting trip on one of the many rivers in Kentucky. Along your river gorge tour, you will have the opportunity to see many beautiful creeks and river gorges. You can also enjoy a boat ride through downtown Lexington as you view all of the activities that are available in the town. With your Kentucky vacation, you will be able to travel to some interesting destinations.

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