America’s Best: Indiana Vacation Ideas

things to do in indiana

Indiana located in the Midwest region has been a spot popular for generations as a winter destination. Winter sports and high speedways long were associated with Indiana, however other aspects of the Hoosier State contribute attractive dimension to its cultural offerings. Indianapolis has transformed itself with cutting-edge museums and beautiful green spaces, while scenic landscapes remain beyond the reach of farmers – hulking, seemingly untouched sand dunes on Lake Michigan. Bloomington adds to the allure with its artsy cultural offerings and its Bloomington center, a venue for exhibits and research. Columbus also offers a glimpse into world history, as does the stately Indiana State Capitol Building, itself an impressive landmark. New York City puts a dash of culture into the mix as it hosts summertime concerts at Central Park.

But what about other places besides the historic landmarks and the stadiums? Indiana is dotted with entertainment venues that offer weekend activities in its largest cities. Whether you are planning a summer road trip or an autumn special, you will find some interesting alternatives to the standard tourist venues. Many cities have fine museums; others host exciting annual festivals; while others offer sporting events and fine dining. Here are some things to do in Indianapolis on a weekend getaway:

Memorial Day Weekend. Indiana is proud of its rich history, and visitors are invited to explore that history park. From classic cars and tractors to Civil War reenactments, there are lots of activities to keep your eyes peeled for. The free afternoon program offered every May serves as a great reason to stop by with your family. And if you’re looking for an activity that’s not too dangerous, the free kids activity that takes place in the park every June can be a lot of fun.

Southwestern Indiana. If you’re looking for the perfect weekend escape from Indianapolis’ swanky city life, look no further than this scenic area. Miles upon miles of beautiful, Indiana green space is lined with historical and family attractions. Local and visitor attractions alike feature things to do getaway from the bustle of Indianapolis.

Turtle Point State Park. A popular tourist destination, Turtle Point State Park offers visitors a chance to view the unspoiled nature of Indiana’s Lake Michigan. The park features mounds of limestone and other rock formations, as well as a large variety of wildlife including deer, raccoons, eagles, and a smattering of migratory birds. What’s more is that dozens of things to do including boat charters, hiking in the woods, and the opportunity to camp under the stars at night.

Fort Wayne. Home to America’s largest steel plant, Fort Wayne is an ideal vacation spot for families. The park features many attractions, including the fort, a museum about the city’s evolution, a lake where fishing and other water activities abound, and the historic Kelley House, where President William Henry Ford took his birth. Of course, it’s also home to countless attractions and activities, which make it a popular choice with visitors to the holiday world.

Evansville. Indiana’s capital city is a favorite destination among families on weekend getaways. Indiana’s largest city is jam packed with great food, beautiful scenery, and history. On your trip, you’ll have plenty to do: enjoy the annual “IU Midwest Tour,” visit the historic Black Horse Farms, or explore local attractions like the Historic Evansville Museum and the W.P. Carey Center for the Performing Arts.

Downtown Indianapolis. If you’re a fan of sprawling, metropolitan cities with rich culture and fascinating histories, then Indiana’s downtownIndianapolis is the perfect getaway. Boasting hundreds of hotels and apartments, the district is filled with stores, bars, and restaurants showcasing everything from antique finds to international brands. Take a cable car into the “Conoco” Museum of Art for an evening stroll, or hop on the Indianapolis Art Walk for a mid-day dose of culture. Whatever you want to experience, you can find it in Indianapolis!

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