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The great state of Illinois has more to offer than just great apple pie! There are many things to do in Illinois. The all new travel guide combines the latest news with the handy facts visitors need to know about Illinois. If you are planning a vacation to Illinois, this is the perfect way to find out what is in store for you.


Travel to Illinois by airplane and get off at the O’oran International Airport. This is in the northeast corner of Illinois where there is plenty of lodging, shopping, and other attractions such as the Shedd Aquarium, Navy Pier, and other historical sites and things to do. Long time residents and travelers alike will find that this area has everything they need for their vacation or travel to Illinois.

Southern Illinois is home to some great wine regions, world class shopping, and art museums. The all-encompassing choices for vacationing in southern Illinois can leave tourists confused and feeling lost. There are endless options for things to do in southern Illinois. Visitors will be delighted when they discover why the state’s name is “occupied” when it is not. Travelers will feel like they have been transported back in time when they travel to southern Illinois.

Fort Collins is located in northern Colorado with beautiful Colorado scenery and world class attractions. Fort Collins has an eclectic blend of modern culture with old world charm. Within a few hours of Fort Collins you can visit the world famous “Fort Collins Museum & Science Center” which are one of the most impressive and interesting museums you’ll ever see. There are also several parks in northern Colorado with hiking, biking, swimming, and nature trails.

Chicago is the cultural center of Illinois and is located in the northeast area of the state. The City of Chicago was named after George W. Cook, an Irish immigrant who had come to Chicago and opened the first restaurant in 1875. Chicago is the home of the third largest film industry in the United States with hundreds of films being made here every year. One popular spot to see movies is Navy Pier which is near downtown Chicago. Nearby is the beautiful Pilsbury Park located north of downtown and is where the world famous Pilsbury baked beans are enjoyed by countless visitors each day.

Southwestern Illinois is home to beautiful landmarks such as the Peabody Opera House, Lincoln Park, and historic Lincolnshire. Lincolnshire is one of the many historical communities in Illinois with its rich history and Lincoln Park offers a variety of outdoor activities such as riding the train, playing baseball, walking in the woods, and more. Lincolnshire also has three natural history museums; The Museums of Lincoln County, The Natural History Museum of Illinois, and The Illinois State Museum. Lincoln Park contains a replica of the president’s house, garden and park structures and a theater.

The heart of Illinois, especially downtown Chicago, is Southwestern Illinois. Here you will find many historic landmarks including the Adler Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and beautiful parks and museums. Southwestern Illinois also has three natural history museums; The Field Museum of Natural History, Illinois Botanical Garden, and the Shedd Aquarium. Lincoln Park is filled with playgrounds, bike paths, nature trails, and historic spots. In addition to the numerous attractions, Lincoln Park features two theaters, a ballet, a premiere performance of “Titanic”, and The Chicago Theatre.

One of the most beloved vacation spots in the United States, hotels in Illinois are plentiful and there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for elegant accommodations or budget-friendly lodgings, you can find it in the state of Illinois. Hotels in Illinois also offer many amenities for travelers. They offer exciting activities such as horseback riding, swimming, tennis, beach sports, golf, hockey, movie shows, fine dining, internet access, business centers, and convenient shopping. You can even enjoy a relaxing massage at the luxury and boutique hotels in Illinois.

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