Guide to Idaho – Boise, ID

things to do in idaho

Idaho is one of the West’s finest vacation locations. Located between the mountains and the beautiful Pacific Ocean, this state offers everything a discerning visitor needs for a great getaway. Visitors can find fishing and hunting, mountain biking and hiking, mountain climbing and more within a few hours of where they live. Here are a few things to do in Idaho when you visit for a break or a summer getaway. They are all located within easy reach of Idaho’s charming cities and villages.


Hot Springs National Monument, located in Idaho’s Idaho Falls National Park, is one of the nation’s most spectacular natural wonders. The sight of the steamy red rock surface rising up to more majestic heights than many other natural features requires a bit of hiking equipment, but the scenery is worth the effort. Some of the things to do in Idaho while in Hot Springs include the famous Hot Springs shower, the longest hot spring in the world, the View Point Bridge, and the Black River Gorge. You can stay at one of the many hotels in Idaho that offer tours of the area and the spectacular Hot Springs landscape. The nearby Snake River allows visitors to take a day-trip on the trout-filled Snake Creek, which flows into the Snake River.

The largest city in Idaho is Pullman, which is also its largest town. Its historic downtown offers entertainment, dining, parks, and even a pedestrian walkway along the famous Yankee fork park. Nearby is the Idaho State Capitol building, which features a visitor center that features a host of things to do. For those who want a little culture and history, there’s the Idaho Historical Society Museum.

Idaho has a number of different festivals throughout the year. The Threave Festival takes place in January, with free shows in the streets of Kalispel. The Spirit of Idaho Labor Day celebration, celebrating labor with things to do in the community, is held every June. If it’s still not enough of a reason to check out Idaho, how about the fact that it is home to the author of A History of the West, John Steinbeck?

While in Idaho, you may want to check out the beautiful Idaho attractions listed above, but there are many more things to do here. In Boise, for example, there is the award-winning Bonneville Suspension Bridge, which spans the mighty Idaho River on its way to Ketchum. There are multiple fishing opportunities, boating and swimming opportunities, as well as beautiful scenery. Those traveling to Ketchum will find the same attractions in Idaho, including the Bonneville Suspension Bridge.

When looking for somewhere to stay in Idaho, it is easy to see why people travel from all over the world. Idaho offers some of the best fishing opportunities anywhere in the country, and a number of lodges and bed and breakfasts around the state make accommodations easy to find. Idaho is also home to a number of national parks, many of which provide outdoor activities year-round. For travelers who love the outdoors, Idaho is a natural choice. Traveling can be an adventure, because the climate is varied and there are so many possibilities to choose from.

Even if you travel only part of the time in Idaho, you will still find plenty to do and see. Few places in the United States are as beautiful as Idaho, and if you take part in a full-time vacation in Idaho, you can spend many months and even years in this breathtaking state. The mountains are alive with wildlife, and the scenic Bywayways of Idaho add character to the area. And don’t forget about the cities of Idaho. Here you will find shopping, fine dining, theaters and sports teams for everyone to enjoy.

Visiting Idaho won’t be a bad decision. The things to do in Idaho aren’t limited to the big cities, because the vast majority of the state is mountainous. And, even though there are many large cities in Idaho, many of them are remote, meaning that you can easily go out in the wilderness and experience nature up close and personal. If you travel to Idaho, it will be a truly unforgettable experience, and you should plan to spend at least part of your trip in Idaho. Don’t forget to use a hiking guide when you travel through Idaho, whether you travel within the intermountain areas or venture far into the backcountry. A hiking guide will make things much easier, and you will enjoy your trip even more because you won’t have the worry of finding lodging or eating in the wilds.

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