Finding the Best Things to Do in Jacksonville

jacksonville travel guide

heading to Jacksonville on a tight budget? Well, nope! You’ve got you covered with a whole bunch of FREE things to do right in Jacksonville!

If you’re heading to Jacksonville and plan to experience the sights and sounds of this great city without spending a dime, then you can truly enjoy the spectacular beauty of the downtown Jacksonville area. The entire town center is located along Atlantic Ocean Beach between fronts of busy roadways such as U.S. 19 and Atlantic Beach Boulevard. It is an ideal location for a day of shopping and fun. Jacksonville’s downtown area is filled with restaurants, nightclubs, bars and even a government office with the Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art located in the heart of the town center. The Museum of Modern Art actually pre-dates its creation by more than 50 years at the present and you will discover vintage treasures here that will blow your mind!

Jacksonville has quite a few parks scattered around the city. If you don’t like hiking, maybe you’d rather just enjoy a picnic under the sun kissed arboretum of Atlantic Beach. Jacksonville’s park system also includes the following:

Green Hills Park: Located in the south of Jacksonville, Green Hills Park is one of the oldest and most well-maintained parks in the city. Trail rides, tennis courts, swimming pools and great place to relax are a few of the things to do at Green Hills Park. It is also home to several businesses including the Jacksonville Golf and Country Club. This park is located next to Jacksonville International Airport and Interstate 75. The park is open all year round, although certain times in the summer months may be more crowded due to the high demand for access to the airport and other attractions in the area.

Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art: The Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art is one of the largest museums in the state. Due to the size of the building, admission is usually limited to those people who are museum professionals or those who own shares in the museum. Form exhibits, classes, film screenings, lectures and workshops are part of the regular museum events. The museum is also home to several gardens filled with native plants, flowers, trees and rarer species of plants. All sorts of arts and crafts also line the walls, both permanent and temporary.

Moca Jacksonville: Just minutes from the main portion of Jacksonville, Moca Jacksonville is an ideal spot for those tourists visiting Jacksonville and Saint Petersburg. Moca Jacksonville is located on Secaucus Street in the heart of Jacksonville. The main attraction of the neighborhood is Moca Plaza, a five-block complex housing restaurants, boutiques, movie theaters, banks, businesses, public parks and swimming pools. There are also a variety of other local attractions such as the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, the Tampa Bay-St. Petersburg International Pirate Ship, the Florida Aquarium and more. Located on the border of Saint Petersburg and Jacksonville, it is easy to drive to the attractions without having to go through the traffic that is common in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Museum of Art: This art museum is home to some of the best art works in the state. If you want to check out the newest works of art and antique pieces, this is the perfect place to go. There are free things to do while at the museum which includes visiting its five blocks of exhibit halls and its four restaurants. You can also check out the Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art, which contains works from some of the most prominent painters in the country.

The list of free things to do in Jacksonville is endless. There are so many things to do here that you can always find something enjoyable to do whether you like golf, water sports, dance or even art. Jacksonville is known for its vibrant entertainment, exciting nightlife, great food and excellent shopping. No wonder why it has been named one of the top cities to live in by many travel magazines. With all these things to do, there is no wonder why this city is a top travel destination for many.

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