Things to Do in Connecticut – Great Vacations and Holidays

Connecticut is a state situated in northern New England, which has a mixture of rural areas along with coastal cities dotted with quaint little towns. Mystic is famous for its Seaport museums filled with old shipwrecks, and the beautiful beluga whale shows at the Mystic Aquarium. In Lyme, the city of Lyme is well known for its small market and its historic buildings. On Long Island Sound the charming city of New Haven, also called Yale University, is well-known as the home of the Peabody Museum of Natural history.

things to do in Connecticut

Now what do you have to do in Connecticut before you go on a trip to this state? To start with, you need to know what are the best times to visit this state. There are many good time periods in Connecticut including spring break, summer vacation and winter vacations. If you want to visit the state during a less popular season like the autumn or winter, then you may find it difficult to find cheap travel deals in the state. The best time for a vacation to this state is from November to March.

You should also know what places are popular among travelers for vacationing in Connecticut. Some of the top tourist spots are the picturesque shorelines of Mystic, the picturesque hamlets on the Connecticut River in Farmington and the scenic vistas in New Haven and Greenwich. The state capital, Hartford, is well known for its beautiful architecture, museums, theaters and recreational centers. Some of the popular places to visit in Connecticut are the state capitol building in Hartford, the old fort on South Street, the New Britain Historic Site, the New Haven Zoo and Old Saybrook State Park. Connecticut has other attractions as well including the Connecticut Historical Society, the New York Botanical Garden, the New Haven Zoo, and the Woodbury Museum. Some of the popular spots in Connecticut where travelers can see different types of wildlife are the Old Saybrook River, Deerfield Beach State Park, the Connecticut River, the Fox Trot Pond, the Connecticut Aquarium, and the Old Lyme State Park.

Travelers who wish to get away from it all can also opt for the romantic excursion to this state. The romantic excursion for the romantic lovers can take them to the state park in New Haven, the idyllic Connecticut Valley or the Catskills.

The best way to travel to this state is with the car if you wish to go around in style. If you don’t want to spend too much time in one place, then you can opt for bus services. If you can afford it, you may even opt for the New Haven-Waterford commuter rail service to make your travel to and from the state a comfortable journey.

If you choose to travel by air, you can choose between a variety of airlines and train. All the major airlines have flights to this state. They usually offer good flight services to the state, which makes it easy for the people to travel to their destinations without having to waste time in line in airports. If you don’t like the crowded air traffic, then you may consider taking the commuter rail from New Haven to Connecticut.

If you plan to rent a car, you can try to book online. However, you should always make sure you select the company that offers good rates and reliable service. There are many online car hire companies that offer car rental service to the state. The best way to travel to Connecticut for free is to use a private limousine service. Limousine companies usually make arrangements for transportation to hotels and restaurants for a comfortable stay.

People who like to travel by land can opt to use car rental services provided by a private company. However, it is better to book online if you want to travel to this state for free.

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