Top Things to Do in Denver

things to do in colorado

Denver, Colorado is a southwestern American metropolis best known for the Old West days. The historic, colorful city is brimming with activities for tourists of all ages. From horseback riding and shopping at Denver’s famous Arboretum to mountain biking on the ever-popular Deer Trail, there is plenty of fun to be had in this great vacation locale. Starting with an easy stroll along the walking trails of historic downtown Denver, one will find a plethora of shops and restaurants. The Art Museum is one of the country’s leading museums, home to one of the most prominent collections of Western art.

Tourists visiting Denver and the surrounding areas have plenty of things to do in order to have a wonderful vacation experience. The Colorado Springs Symphony Orchestra puts on concerts throughout the year, featuring music from several genres. While in the area, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful Colorado National Monument. The city park district is filled with outdoor, kid-oriented attractions as well. The list of activities in Denver is a long one, but these are some of the more popular ones:

Adventure and Outdoor Activities: One of the key things to do in Denver while on vacation is to experience some adventure and recreation. Visitors are encouraged to hit the slopes, go hiking, kayak, and bike everywhere they can in the Denver area. For those who have pets, there are also plenty of pet-friendly vacation spots in the city. A few fun things to do in Colorado Springs include Pet Dog Park, Pet Connector, Pet Adoption Center, and Pugs Come Home. All of these are family oriented and offer lots of outdoor activities.

Museum Attractions: Another fun thing to do in Denver while on vacation is to check out the various museums around the area. There are many Denver History Museum, Denver Art Museum, and University of Colorado Museum of Natural History just to name a few. Additionally, there are the Denver Zoo and the Denver Art Museum. These are great for the whole family and offer a glimpse into our culture and past. Additionally, these locations are perfect for taking photos, too!

Sports And Entertainment: While no visitor would be caught without cable television, a vacation wouldn’t be complete without at least trying to catch a game or two. Many Denver residents spend their evenings watching the Denver Nuggets at home or at the nearby United States Olympic Training Center. During the summer, there are events like the Little League Baseball Tournament and the NBA Summertime Games. In addition, visitors are often encouraged to attend the Denver Nuggets games at Mile High Stadium and the Mile High Arena. There are also exciting concerts and shows that happen around town and at the nearby Pepsi Center.

Arts And Culture: Culture is big in Denver. This city boasts several fine art museums, as well as the Ave Children’s Museum. There are also many activities to keep the little ones entertained. Take them to see the Denver Art Museum or the Contemporary Film Museum. Alternatively, take them to the Denver Zoo for an afternoon of aquatic exploration.

Festivals: While the Denver Zoo is great for seeing animals, you might also want to check out some of the local festivals that take place. Denver’s Jazz Fest takes place every year at Mile High Stadium. Other festivals include the Denver Film Festival and the St. Paul’s Church Festival. These are great ways to bring the whole family together.

Sports And Fitness: The Rocky Mountains is full of sports and outdoor activities. Whether it be skiing, climbing, biking, hiking or water sports, you can find an adventure activity to enjoy. Take your kids, or some friends, to the Denver Zoo or the Aves. You’ll never run out of options when it comes to great Colorado vacation spots.

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