Top Five Popular Arkansas Travel Destinations

Top Five Popular Arkansas Travel Destinations

In the United States, one would have a hard time finding a state that is as varied in landscape and climate as Arkansas. Historically rich and enriched by abundant natural resources, the state of Arkansas has a unique blend of historical, cultural and natural attractions that attract millions of visitors every year. A trip to the Big Blue Marble State could easily be mistaken for an archaeological tour of ancient Egypt.

Hot Springs National Park boasts a long and glorious history as well as a unique blend of natural and cultural attractions, including Hot Springs Spa. The most popular spot for tourists, Hot Springs Spa is a natural oasis where travelers can experience heavenly spa treatments for just a couple of hours. The best part about Hot Springs Spa is that the spa treatments are just short walk from the hotel. Visitors to the National Parks in Arkansas will be surprised at the diverse flora and fauna found in the state.

The Crystal Bridges Museum, a famous attraction located in Little Rock, serves as an important archaeological site with many fascinating artifacts. The state of Arkansas is home to the largest collection of Civil War artifacts in the world. From battlefield equipment and flags to Union uniforms and horses, the collection of artifacts in the museum makes one feel like he or she is at an actual battle.

A trip to Arkansas is incomplete without an afternoon spent at the Arkadelphia State Park and Wildlife Refuge. This particular wildlife refuge is home to a wide variety of wild animals including deer, bear, snakes and foxes, as well as a number of birds such as bluebirds and egrets. There are also a number of hiking trails and a boat launch that make for an interesting day-long outing.

During the summer months, visiting Arkansas is truly a treat. The sunsets along the shores of the Arkansas River and the hot and humid air are enough to get anyone into the spirit of the “Come on Down” movement that is synonymous with Arkansas.

For those who enjoy a taste of culture, an outing in Arkansas will be incomplete without a visit to the state capitol. Though it’s often overlooked and not as well known as the Capitol Building in Washington D.C., the state capitol of Arkansas is a must-see for any visitor who wants to experience the true essence of Arkansas.

Another popular attraction in the state is the Razorback Stadium, which hosts the Razorbacks. A home of the football team, the stadium was built by Razorback Stadium Partners to provide an outdoor venue for fans. With its stately grandeur and unparalleled view of the Arkansas River, this is a place where visitors can truly forget about the city life and go wild, feeling the thrill of going down to Razorback Stadium every single time they take a snap.

Of course, there are other unique places to visit in Arkansas that are a trip down memory lane. If you have never been to Arkansas, these are a few of the places that will ensure that you remember. forever.


The historic Little Rock National Historic Site is the first stop on a tour through the state if you are planning a trip to Little Rock. This park is not only a popular tourist destination, but it also serves as a vital part of Arkansas history and is home to one of the most beautiful sites of the entire state, the Abraham Lincoln Memorial.

Arkansas’ state capitol, the Capitol building, is also another popular tourist destination. It has a lot to offer tourists who wish to experience the spirit of the “Come on Down” movement firsthand. Visitors can tour the inside and outside of the building while having a look at the state seal and some of the state’s history.

Arkansas is also home to numerous more specialized and less-visited tourist attractions. These include museums dedicated to the history of music, history of the civil rights movement and a series of aquariums. Even those who are not necessarily into the outdoors can still enjoy all of the great things to do in Arkansas by participating in one or more of the Arkansas River rafting trips.

No matter what you decide to do while in Arkansas, don’t miss out on experiencing one or two of the more popular tourist attractions in the state. It will surely be a trip that you will never forget!

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