Tips for a Great Alaska Vacation

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Most people think of Alaska as only a place to go on a vacation, and not as a place where they should include in their Alaska vacation itinerary. While the state has some beautiful scenery and great weather, the true beauty of Alaska can’t be fully appreciated by simply going there. You need to get out of your cabin and experience it firsthand. Here are the top five must-see attractions in Alaska:

Visit the Arctic Ocean. While you’re traveling through Alaska, you’ll never have to leave your cabin again. Plan a day trip or weekend break so that you can see all the attractions including the Polar Ice Cap, Arctic National Park, and other places of interest in the region. Even if you have to visit Alaska for just a day, at least two days is a good amount of time to spend there.

See Geologic Wonders of the World. You might be traveling to Alaska to enjoy its beautiful scenery and snow capped mountains, but the state’s geology offers much more than this. Many visitors return to Alaska year after year because they just can’t get enough of this incredible history and culture.

Swim the icy waters of Alaska’s Arctic National Park. The Arctic National Park was created in 1966 and has many different sections. You can swim, kayak, canoe, and explore in any order that you want. This is also a great way to get a good feel for the state’s culture and wildlife, as well as some of its most unique natural landscapes. You’ll also see some amazing animals and plants up close and personal, which will make you want to come back.

Take a Tundra Trek. Alaska is the land of big mountains, frozen tundras, and majestic glaciers, and these features can often be seen from the road or from your car. From Alaska’s many National Parks to the remote Arctic, a tundra tour is one of the best ways to see Alaska without getting too far away from your own house.

See Alaska’s Wildlife. Alaska is known for its wildlife and nature, so you should do your research ahead of time before heading to the area. There are a variety of species in Alaska, and some are more likely to live in an area than others. Before you even head out of your hotel room, check with the Alaska Department of Fish & Game or the Alaska Zoo to find out which creatures are native to Alaska and that you can expect to see while you’re there.

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Visit Alaska’s North Slope. For some people, Alaska is only the beginning of their trip to the north, so a trip to the North Slope is in order. This area is home to some of the most unique species of wildlife in the world, including the Chugach National Forest and Alaska’s only bear (the Brown Bear).

See the Olympic Mountains. Alaska is one of the most beautiful places in the world and some of the best views in the entire United States. Whether you visit during the winter months or summer, there is a variety of mountains to see and activities to partake in. While there, make sure you take the time to explore the National Park, which is located in the town of Denali, which is the highest mountain in the continental US.

Go Karting in Fairbanks. If you enjoy going karting and have a long drive ahead of you, take a day or two to go karting in Fairbanks, Alaska, the smallest city in the state but a beautiful, historic town that’s worth a trip.

See the Salmon River. The Alaskan Salmon runs on the Alaskan River aren’t as high volume as those of other rivers, so you won’t need to worry about traffic and other problems that may come with big rivers. The Alaskan River offers a wonderful natural experience, seeing the salmon coming up the river from the salmon beds on the surface. up, to the mouth of the Alaskan River and then coming down again before you.

No matter what type of Alaska vacation itinerary you choose, don’t miss an opportunity to see the state. Whether you plan it as part of an extended Alaska vacation or a quick break between other stops, visiting Alaska is a good thing to do no matter when you visit. Take advantage of all that the state has to offer; you will definitely enjoy it.

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