Visiting the Historic Capital of Alabama

Alabama is a southeast U.S. State that has several important historical landmarks from the civil rights movement. The city of Montgomery’s historic 16th Street Baptist church, which was a central protest headquarters during the 1960’s, is still a well-known site in the state.

The Martin Luther King, Sr. historic church and the Rosa Parks museum, which is dedicated to the civil rights activist, are both located in the capital of Montgomery, Alabama. In addition to the prominent churches, the city is also home to many notable museums and monuments, including the Museum of the Bible. The Alabaman state flag contains the Seal of the State of Alabama with a crown and a scepter.

The Alabaman state government and political system are governed by a Governor, a State Senate and House of Representatives and an elected county commissioner. In the state capital, Montgomery, there are several museums as well as historical sites, monuments and parks. The Alabama Historical Association holds many events throughout the year that allow visitors to see the rich history of the state. The most popular events include the Alabama History Festival and Alabama State Historical Museum.

The Alabaman civil rights movement is famous for the Freedom Riders who fought for equal rights and freedom on segregated buses and trains. The Freedom Riders is commemorated by a state statue near Montgomery. The statue commemorates the efforts made by Martin Luther King Sr., Ralph Abernathy, W.E.B. Du Bois and others who made their way through the Deep South to create a civil rights movement.

There is a monument in Montgomery that depicts the struggles of the Civil Rights Movement and the importance of its leaders. The Alabama Freedom Memorial was built in honor of those who gave their lives in efforts to gain civil rights. The memorial is located in Montgomery on a hill overlooking the Alabama River, overlooking Montgomery’s capitol building.

The state of Alabama is the home of many national landmarks as well as many historical places. The state Capitol building is considered one of the finest in all of the South and is considered a top attraction in Alabama.

Alabama State Park is another popular tourist attraction in the state and is home to hundreds of species of plants and animals. The Alabama Zoo in Montgomery is home to a variety of mammals, birds and reptiles.

When in Alabama you are sure to experience a great variety of history in a great setting. You will also find a variety of beautiful locations and activities to do while visiting the beautiful state of Alabama.

One of the most popular areas of Alabama that tourists come to visit is Montgomery where the capital of Alabama is located. The state Capitol building is located in Montgomery, where civil rights and the struggles of the civil rights movement are celebrated.

If you are looking for history in a great environment then visit Montgomery and enjoy the history at the Alabama History Museum. Visitors can view old photos and documents from historic periods of the state and see how history has shaped the present. Alabama State Capitol Building in Montgomery is another place to experience history in its purest form.

Historical tours of the Montgomery area include visits to the Montgomery Jail where civil rights activists such as Martin Luther King, Ralph Abernathy and W.E.B. Du Bois was held after being arrested. The Alabama Freedom Memorial and the Alabama Memorial Museum are also popular tourist attractions that provide visitors a glimpse into the history of Alabama.

The Alabama State Parks is popular tourist attractions because of the number of parks that are within a half hour of downtown Montgomery. The famous Mountain Park and the Talladega National Forest are both located near the city. The largest park in the area is the Alabama Capitol Building where visitors can experience the historic beauty of the state.

There are many other important tourist destinations in Montgomery. The state is a beautiful place to visit whether you choose to stay for business or pleasure.

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